Our Services

Thanks to the antenna installed on your building, house, school, church, hospital, you can access the Internet via our antenna network deployed throughout the city. A router allows users to connect via Wi-Fi or cable. Internet data is transmitted via radio waves, ensuring reliable and fast connectivity.
Kinshasa Wireless offers a complete range of solutions for deploying and operating a high-performance Wi-Fi network infrastructure. This allows your employees and visitors to explore new mobile opportunities. Our services are designed to help you create new business opportunities, monetize your Wi-Fi services, and optimize the user experience.
The customized WAN offerings from KIWI, take back control of your extended network with visibility, mastery, and transparency. KIWI brings expertise and an extensive portfolio of solutions integrating the latest technological trends to redesign or evolve your WAN. This includes options such as VPN, MPLS, ensuring reliable and secure connectivity.
We design high availability network topologies based on LAN (Local Area Network) redundancy. In addition to this, we provide proactive network monitoring services to ensure the stability and performance of your infrastructure. Trust Kinshasa Wireless for effective management of your local network.